Your  Move Is Our

Game Day!

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A portion of every move supports local football programs!

Ask us about our discounts for military veterans, seniors, c.a.w members, and students!


About Us

The Gridiron Boys are here to make your moving day a championship game day and to provide exceptional service for generations to come.

Gridiron Boys is your local moving and muscle service!

We employ and empower varsity athletes!


Built in the gym by us for you!

Founded upon our core values; leadership, community, toughness, communication, dependability and love, Gridiron Boys was created to transform your moving day from a hassle and a burden into a championship day!

The Gridiron Boys are here to make your moving day our game day and to provide great service for years to come.


  • Single item delivery

  • Residential Moves

  • Commercial Moves

  • Out of town moves

  • Dump runs

  • Weddings and events

  • Moving and muscle



American Football Stadium

Meet the team


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Core Values

Just like being on the football field, The Gridiron Boys treat every moving day as though they were playing in the Championship game! Our core values mirror the qualities that define great football teams.

Toughness Mental & Physical

Physical toughness – Our team spends much of their time in the weight room and will lift your furniture with ease. No matter the weight, our Herculean strength makes your belongings look like feathers. The Gridiron Boys are trained to handle the most challenging of battles on the field with a calm and focused mind and we will do the same with your belongings!

Communication DOWN – SET - HUT

From the first snap of the ball, to the final whistle, communication is an integral part of a winning football team. The Gridiron Boys integrate great communication skills. With each other and with you, we ensure that there will be no “flags on the field” on your moving day!

Community We are here by you and for you

The Gridiron Boys are your neighbors, your community and your team. We live where you do. We play hard on the field every week to put on a great show, and to come out winners. We are dedicated to providing a higher level of service to the community that we love. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for community!



“With confidence, you have won before you started.” – Marcus Garvey

Great leadership means great confidence. Confidence is key, in any area. The Gridiron Boys are trained to provide the highest quality service possible, so that you can rest easy knowing that your move will be handled with confidence and care every step of the way.



“The greatest ability is dependability.” – Bob Jones Sr.

In the thick of a season, the defining quality of a great football player is the ability to be there when the going gets tough. Moving day can be challenging and you deserve to know that your move is always in good hands. Our team guarantees it!


The love of the game knows no end, and our team is ready to take that love to your home field. We put love and care into every move, taking our time to ensure that your relocation is a smooth, safe and secure transition. With The Gridiron Boys, every moving day is game day and every game day is a winner!


Trusted by Windsor-Essex County

Moving Truck and movers
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Absolutely incredible!

Frank and the boys were absolutely incredible! They helped move our furniture out of the old house into the new home and made our long moving day process a breeze! We are very thankful for the great service!


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Exceptional movers.

Mitch and Zack were exceptional movers. Very diligent and even finished the move under the estimated time. They saved us money and moved all of our belongings with care and love. Thank you!


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Frank and Damian were awesome! After a long process of finding a new apartment, I expected moving day to be another long day and these two young men did a fine job of moving me into my new place. I am forever grateful for their services!